8 ounce piece of blue affinee blue cheese
Blue Affinee Cheese
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  • Age: 6+ months
  • Flavor Profile: Earthy, rich, and piquant
  • Milk Type: Cow
  • Pasteurization: Pasteurized
  • Region: Fitchburg, WI
  • Rennet: Vegetarian

Blue Affinee Cheese

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Roth Kase
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Roth cheese creamery in Monroe, Wisconsin, describes their Blue Affinee as ‘the Gateway Blue.’ If you’ve ever been a skeptic of blue cheese, Wisconsin Blue Affinee has a stunningly rich and buttery flavor that will make you forget everything you know about the flavor of blue cheese. Cook’s Illustrated rated this cheese as the top rated crumbled blue cheese both by itself and mixed into salad dressing. Blue Affinee also won a bronze award in the 2016 World Cheese Awards. This creamy buttermilk blue cheese has a wonderfully earthy, rich, and piquant flavor. The beautiful blue color of Blue Affinee makes this cheese an extravagant salad topping and brings a rich flavor to an otherwise bland salad. This Wisconsin cheese is also delicious melted onto a burger or spread on a garlic crostini. If you’re wary about trying blue cheese for the first time, or if you want to taste one of Wisconsin’s most prized blue cheeses, then Roth creamery’s Blue Affinee is the perfect choice.




    2011 US Cheese Championship - 2nd Place

  • Suggested Pairings:

    Enjoy with a glass of...

    • Beer
      Belgian Ale, IPA, Porter, Stout
    • Liquor
      Scotch, Bourbon
    • Wine
      Cabernet Sauvignon, Madeira, Malbec, Riesling


    • Ingredients: Cultured milk, salt, enzymes, penicillium roqueforti

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