Drunken Cheese Board

Drunken Cheese Board

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Wisconsin Cheese Mart
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A great way to pair you favorite cocktail. Pick one of these drunken cheeses. Cheese that is soaked in beer, wine or alcohol is referred to as 'drunken cheese' for obvious reasons.
All of the cheeses will be atop a branded wooden pine board.

This board includes:

  • Pine cheese board branded with the Wisconsin Cheese Mart logo
  • Rich: Nitro Rye stout beer cheese - Cheese curds soaked in 3 Sheep's Nitro Rye Stout
  • Fruity: Merlot BellaVitano - A perfect blend between Cheddar and Parmesan, soaked in a fruity Merlot wine
  • Sweet: Drunken Goat - Semi-firm goat's milk cheese soaked in Spanish red wine; smooth, sweet, and delicately grape-y
  • Creamy: Port Wine Spread - Fruity port wine mixed with golden Wisconsin Cheddar in a creamy, spreadable form
  • Spicy: Tequila Reaper Cheddar - Cheddar curds soaked in a spicy tequila sauce and pressed into Cheddar

This selection will guarantee that your cheese board will be a hit.

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