•Cheddar 15 Year Half Loaf•

Cheddar 15 Year Half Loaf
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Cheddar 15 Year Half Loaf

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This 15 Year Old Cheddar isn't just cheese - it's a work of art. This limited edition cheese is not to be missed.  It's smooth, sharp, and bursting with flavor.  Spread throughout is crystallization that can only be found in a fine aged cheese.  Without a doubt, this is a cheese to savor.

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One of the rarest cheeses in the world, this cheese is beyond sharp. Produced at the famed Alto Dairy Cooperative in 2000 in Black Creek, Wisconsin. This Cooperative has over 500 member farmers. In 2007, this Black Creek plant was featured on the series Modern Marvels. Alto Dairy Cooperative was sold to Saputo Cheese in 2013

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