Cheddar Cheese 10 Year White Extra Sharp

Cheddar Cheese 10 Year White Extra Sharp

13 Customer Ratings
Item Number: #1337
Weight: 0.50lbs

This 10 Year Old Cheddar isn't just cheese - it's a work of art. This limited edition cheese is not to be missed. It's smooth, sharp, and bursting with flavor. Spread throughout is crystallization that can only be found in a fine aged cheese. As cheddar ages, it goes from mild to sharp, developing a tangier taste as the microbes and enzymes transform texture and intensify flavor. This transformation is largely a result of the breakdown of proteins and milk fat giving aged Cheddar cheese crystals. Without a doubt, this is a cheese to savor.

Cheese Profile


  • young
  • medium
  • aged
  • old


  • soft
  • medium
  • hard
  • brittle


  • mild
  • medium
  • strong
  • pungent

Pairing Recommendations

  • Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Chardonnay
  • Malbec
  • Merlot
  • Pinot Noir
  • Zinfandel
  • Riesling
  • IPA
  • Belgian Ale
  • Cider
  • Porter
  • Stout

Other Cheese Pairings
Savory Crackers, Crusty Artisan Bread, Dried Fruit, Nuts, Pork, Chicken

Product Reviews (6)

By Claire Swinford

This is the perfect sharp cheddar. Great sharpness and wonderful crystalization, but still displaying a nice creaminess.

Love it!
By Todd Linn


By Kristen Catalano

So perfect. Loved it so much and can t get enough of it!!

White and a bit too bitter for me
By Gus Thomasson

The portions were not labeled as per weight and I found them rather small.. Also while the texture was fine, the packaging adequate and the product in good condition upon arrival none the less I found the pale color distasteful and the taste rather bitter. I noted only slight crystallization.

By Robin D. Roberts

My Dad swears by this one. What a great flavor!

By kim stockman

Love this 12 yr old cheddar,cant buy this quality and taste in any store,you'll love the agedness of this cheese! What would we do without cheese Thanks wisconsin cheese mart!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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