•Gouda Cheese Marieke Premium•

Gouda Cheese Marieke Premium
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Gouda Cheese Marieke Premium

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This Marieke Gouda is aged 12-18 months. Creamy & nutty this aged Marieke Gouda has developed some milk crystalization deposits. Creamy and extremely flavorful, a wonderful example of an aged Gouda. Rolf and Marieke Penterman emigrated from the Netherlands in 2002 to pursue their passion for dairy farming. The cheeses are smooth, creamy Gouda cheeses with a slightly sweet, nutty flavor that becomes more complex as it ages on wooden shelves. Aged at least 10 months.

young medium aged old
soft medium hard brittle
mild medium strong pungent

Suggested Pairings:
Rich whites such as oaked sauvignon blanc, meritage blends, oaked chardonnay and reserve (oaked) pinot gris.

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