Havarti Cheese Horseradish and Chive

Havarti Cheese Horseradish and Chive

70 Customer Ratings
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Weight: 0.50lbs

Decatur Dairy produces award-winning Wisconsin Havarti Cheeses. Steve Stettler and his talented team produce a wide range of championship cheeses, including this Wisconsin Cream Havarti Cheese with Horseradish.

Cheese Profile


  • young
  • medium
  • aged
  • old


  • soft
  • medium
  • hard
  • brittle


  • mild
  • medium
  • strong
  • pungent

Pairing Recommendations

  • Cabernet Sauvignon Chardonnay Merlot
  • Pinot Noir
  • Zinfandel
  • Riesling
  • Sauvignon Blanc
  • Pilsner
  • Stout
  • Wheat Ale

Other Cheese Pairings
Chicken, Dried Fruit, Savory Crackers, Crusty Artisan Bread, Nuts, Grapes

Product Reviews (6)

By William Stussie

I have had this before. I love it the Horseradish is mild.

Do you like Horseradish
By William Stussie

I do like Horseradish and Hararti cheese. This was a great combination. The horseradish was there, but not overbearing. I will re-order this!

Uniquely Flavored
By Sandra Farrar

I love Harvarti and I love Horseradish and of course it goes without saying chives in on my list of likes as well. While I liked this cheese, I didn't love it only because I felt the Horseradish over powered the final taste of the cheese. All I could taste is Horseradish so while I love all three tastes, I don't love tasting only one of them. I probably would not purchase this cheese again.

By Andy Coglianese

Ohhhhhhhh this is soooooo good!..great melty grilled cheeses and diced cubes in tomato soup! Has a kick of horseradish in select bites, but also more oniony taste as well!. A good nasal cleanser.

Husband's favorite
By Mary Frances Testani

This is the only place where we can get this cheese retail. Its too yummy for words. Just the right amount of heat, and very creamy. We have reordered this regularly for the past 2 years.

By Carol Harris

The horseradish background was a little much for us! I couldn't really taste the chives much. We tried it plain, then with crackers but ultimately I used it in a seafood cheesy Alfredo sauce that was better than I expected it to turn out. Probably wouldn't get this one again but if you like horseradish then this would be your chunk of cheese. :)

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