Hennings String Cheese Sticks

Henning's String Cheese Sticks

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Wisconsin Mozzarella String Cheese Sticks are a low moisture, part skim mozzarella cheese snack. String cheese is a popular snack cheese, a favorite with children because it is fun to pull apart the strings that make up the rod shapes so they can be eaten individually. During the process of making the cheese, the proteins are aligned in the cheese, which makes the fun, stringy particles that pull apart when peeling the role. Although many different cheeses can be made into string cheese, the most popular one is Mozzarella cheese. This Wisconsin Mozzarella string cheese is mild and salty. The string cheese texture is semi-soft and stringy when pulled apart. Receive 10 ounces of Wisconsin Mozzarella string cheese per package. Like many semi-soft cheeses, it can be kept refrigerated for up to two weeks. Our String Cheese Sticks are made by Hennings cheese in Kiel, Wisconsin. Hennings Cheese, whose origin dates back to 1914, uses all natural ingredients and is Kosher approved. They support small family dairy farmers who grass feed their cows.

**This product is extremely perishable. If you ship outside the 2 day ground shipping area, you must ship air.**

Cheese Profile


  • young
  • medium
  • aged
  • old


  • soft
  • medium
  • hard
  • brittle


  • mild
  • medium
  • strong
  • pungent

Pairing Recommendations

  • Merlot
  • Malbec
  • Zinfandel
  • Pilsner
  • Lager

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