Landjaeger Cervelat Usingers

Landjaeger Cervelat Usingers

18 Customer Ratings
Item Number: #5525
Weight: 0.60lbs

This is the traditional German-style "hunter" sausage. Carefully crafted using very coarsely ground pork and beef. Seasoning with garlic, spices and caraway seed give these semi-dried links a hearty, authentic flavor. Slowly smoked over hardwood slabs in old-fashioned brick smokehouses for days bring out the essential flavors. Hanging for days finishes the old world process. The woodsy smoked aroma combined with the perfect seasoning makes this an exceptional product. *Description credited to Usinger's.

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By Berit Branch

This is the Bret Farve of sausage!

By Donna Bleam

My Husband said these Landjaegers are the best he has ever tasted!

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