Monterey Jack Cheese with Morel and Leek

Monterey Jack Cheese with Morel and Leek

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This Monterey Jack is enhanced with Morel and Leek. Wisconsin leads all other states in the production of Monterey Jack. It is known for its delicate, buttery, slightly tart flavor and creamy, open texture. Slice for sandwiches or eat with a tasty cracker, this cheese's earthy flavor from the morel mushrooms is an excellent compliment to the creamy flavor and texture of the monterey jack.

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Product Reviews (4)

G.J. from Kansas
By Glenn J. Protheroe

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Great flavor combination
By Carol Harris

This was by far one of our favorites. The subtle combination of morels and leeks was fantastic with the Jack cheese. I didn't get a chance to use this in baking or melting on other foods because we sliced it up and ate it on crackers and it was gone in one setting with a few friends to enjoy it with us. We hunt morels in the spring and this will definitely be something we make at home now with the shroom crumbles, a block of Jack and our smoker. Can't wait to try it!

A Flavor Above the Rest
By Sandra Farrar

Monterey Jack Cheese on its own is an all around nice cheese but with the Morel and Leek, it now makes it a special Jack Cheese. Trying this cheese for the first time was a surprising hit although not sure why I should have been surprised. So far everything I am buying from this store has been pretty good.

By Renee Clark

What a clever combination of flavors! This is great as is or on crackers, etc, just like the info says. It's very satisfying so I hope this cheese continues to be available. We'll be ordering more. :)

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