•Parmesan Sarvecchio Quarter Wheel•

Parmesan Sarvecchio Quarter Wheel
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Parmesan Sarvecchio Quarter Wheel

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Sartori's Wisconsin Sarvecchio Cheese has a firm, dry, deep golden interior with pronounced caramel aromas. You can see the fine white calcium lactate crystals that are the product of long aging and considered desirable. On the tongue, the cheese is waxy and granular, crumbling rather than dissolving. It finishes with caramel-like sweetness, not because it contains any sugar -- it doesn't -- but because aging has produced amino acids that deliver the perception of sweetness.

young medium aged old
soft medium hard brittle
mild medium strong pungent

Suggested Pairings:
Try our Sarvecchio with pasta, soups, salads and red wines.

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