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  • E-mail us anytime at
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Multiple Address Shipping

Shipping to multiple addresses can be done in a single order by following these steps:

1. Login

  • If you already have an account with us, please log in.  Otherwise, create a new account or guest account in order to check out.

2. Add all product to cart  

  • This includes multiple gift baskets that are going to different addresses
  • Once all the product is in your cart that you would like to order, we will proceed with splitting up by address.

3. View your cart and begin adding addresses

  • At this point, don't worry about which addresses are assigned to the items - you want to get all addresses in your account before splitting up the product.  

4. Split Up Product

  • If you are shipping multiple items of the same product, you should see the words 'Split Up' next to the quantity.  Click this to split up the product so we can assign them to the addresses you want to ship to. This does not auto assign the item to your addresses.


5. Assign addresses 

  • Once your items are split up and your addresses are entered, you can begin assigning addresses to the items in your cart.  You can do so by clicking 'Change shipping address' under the item name, and in the popup, selecting the address you desire to ship to from the dropdown menu.  Do this for every item in your cart.

6. Select delivery date and enter gift message 

  • Once your items are split up to the addresses you would like, select a delivery date and enter a gift message for each shipment.

7. Review Order

  • Scroll through order and confirm that all product is going to desired address with desired gift message

7. Terms & Conditions

  • Once all products are assigned to the desired address, and have a delivery date and gift message, please read through and agree to our terms and conditions to proceed to payment.  

8. Checkout

  • Checkout via your desired payment method.  
  • Once you process your payment and reach the completed order page, you have successfully completed your multiple address shipment!

9. Check email for receipt

  • Shortly after placing your order, we will email you a summary of the order, which will detail the addresses we are shipping to as well as delivery dates and items.
  • If you notice anything incorrect, please email or call us as soon as possible to make the correction.