Cheddar 7 Year Bandaged
Cheddar 7 Year Bandaged
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  • Age: 7 years
  • Flavor Profile: Tangy and sharp
  • Milk Type: Milk
  • Pasteurization: Pasteurized
  • Region: Wisconsin
  • Rennet: Vegetarian

Cheddar 7 Year Bandaged

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This aged and bandaged cheddar is a perfect cheese for any aged cheddar lover. The cheese is wrapped in cloth while it ages, which protects the cheese from losing too much moisture as it develops it’s tangy and sharp characteristics. This cheese will not have a high concentration of calcium lactate crystals compared to other aged cheddar cheeses, although they will still be present and especially so on the rind. This bright orange wedge will deliver a sharpness that is typical for aged cheddars, and there is a strong presence of acidity and tanginess. The cheese will have a semi-firm texture, meaning it will crumble under pressure. Use this cheese in your cooking or on a cheese board with some sausage, nuts, and fruits.

Suggested Pairings:

Enjoy with a glass of...

  • Beer
    Amber Ale, Belgian Ale, Cider, IPA, Saison Ale, Scotch Ale,
  • Liquor
  • Wine

  • Nibble on...
    Crackers, Crusty bread, Fruit, Mustard


    • Ingredients: Pasteurized milk, cheese culture, salt, enzymes, and annatto (vegetable color)

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