Claddagh Bo

Claddagh Bo

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Cahill's Ireland
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Claddagh Bo is an aged Irish Cheddar made from the milk of grass fed cows.  The cheese is aged for 12 months, resulting in a beautifully structured cheese.  Claddagh Bo has a firm bite, rich taste, and satisfying savory notes.

The name Claddagh Bo comes from two traditional Gaelic terms.  The design of the ‘Claddagh ring’ is said to symbolize the qualities of love (the heart), friendship (the hands), and loyalty(the crown), while Bó is Gaelic for Cow and its partnership in nature.  

Claddagh Bó’s Irish provenance is complemented by its stunning hand waxed packaging in the colors of the Irish tricolor making it an ideal centerpiece on any cheese board.

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