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Dynamic Duos Gift Box

Dynamic Duos Gift Box

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Wisconsin Cheese Mart
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When two items are paired together result in success or other positive results, they are referred to as a ‘dynamic duo’.  Included, you will find a few items that, when combined, create some of the finest dynamic duos.  Featured in the gift box are:

  • Chocolate Covered Almonds: Enjoy the pairing of pure milk chocolate with crunchy almonds
  • Chocolate Cheese Fudge: A unique combination, our chocolate cheese fudge with walnuts is made from a Wisconsin cheddar cheese base.  While it tastes primarily of fudge, the combination results in a creamy, smooth, rich flavor.
  • Wine and Cheese: Bellavitano Chardonnay features a match made in heaven.  This unique cheese is soaked in chardonnay, lending the cheese its bright, buttery notes of wine.
  • Juusto and Honey:  Juusto is a buttery flavored cheese intended to be warmed prior to eating.  Once heated, drizzle with clover honey for an irresistible treat!

Packaged in a yellow gift box, our Dynamic Duos Gift Box includes 1 ¾ pounds of product.