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Emmentaler Cheese
Emmentaler Cheese

Emmentaler Cheese

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Emmental Cheese, or Emmentaler, is an iconic Swiss cheese. Perhaps the Swiss cheese. This cheese was originally produced around in Emmental, Switzerland, and was first noted in writings as early as 1293. Before modern times, the recognizable holes were seen as imperfections. These holes are created by three different bacteria, who eat away at the lactate in a cheese and in turn create “bubbles” in the cheese. As with most well known European cheeses, Emmentaler is protected under the geographical indication certification, more specifically the AOC. Emmentaler’s taste can be described as mild and savory, reminding those who taste it of fresh cut hay. Nuttiness is woven into it’s buttery texture, with a slightly acidic tone on the end for balance. Be sure to enjoy this eight ounce piece of cheese with a nice German Riesling, and perhaps with some dried cranberries.


Region: Emmental
Country: Switzerland
Milk Type: Cow
Pasteurization: Raw
Age: 100+ days 
Ingredients: Fresh, part-skim cow's milk, cheese culture, salt, and enzymes