8 ounce piece of jarlsberg cheese
Jarlsberg Cheese Wedge
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  • Flavor Profile: Sweet buttery and nutty
  • Milk Type: Cow
  • Pasteurization: Pasteurized
  • Region: Oslo
  • Rennet: Animal

Jarlsberg Cheese Wedge

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Jarlsberg is a mild, semi-soft cow’s milk cheese of Norwegian origin. Created by Anders Larsen Bakke, it resembles a Swiss Emmental with distinctive, open and irregular ‘eyes’. Many a times Jarlsberg is marketed as a Swiss cheese because of its characteristics, though it tends to be sweeter and stronger than Emmentaler. Beneath the yellow-wax rind of Jarlsberg is a semi-firm yellow interior that is buttery, rich in texture with a mild, nutty flavor. It is an all-purpose cheese, good for cooking as well eating as a snack. Since the cheese melts so well, Jarlsberg tastes delicious on sandwiches, fondues, quiches and on hot dishes.

Suggested Pairings:

Enjoy with a glass of...

  • Beer
    Wheat Beer, Hefeweizen, Pilsner
  • Wine
    Chablis, White Bordeaux, Pinot Noir

  • Nibble on...
    Thin-sliced turkey, Crisp seedless grapes, Buttered pumpernickel rounds


    • Ingredients: Pasteurized part skim milk, rennet, salt, culture

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