gift basket with 7 varieties of cheese

Master Cheesemaker Collection

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Our Master Cheesemaker Collection Gift Basket features a magnificent selection of seven cheeses made by certified Master Cheesemakers of Wisconsin. With a wide range of flavors featured, this gift basket includes flavored, sharp, crumbly, and creamy cheeses.  Each cheese is made from a different Wisconsin Master Cheesemaker, showcasing the broad range of cheesemaking styles from these cheesemaking experts.  

The Master Cheesemaker Collection Gift Basket includes:

  • Sweet: Maple Leaf’s Blueberry Cheddar

    • White Cheddar cheese mixed with Wisconsin blueberries
  • Smooth: Decatur Dairy’s Muenster
    • Mild semi-soft cheese with a smooth and creamy texture
  • Squeaky: Carr Valley’s Bread Cheese
    • Buttery cheese with a crust on the outside from baking; serve warm for a squeaky texture
  • Creamy: Widmer’s Mild Brick
    • Mild and sweet cheese with a rich and creamy texture
  • Earthy: Kase Meister’s Wild Morel & Leek Jack
    • Classic monterey jack cheese infused with morel mushrooms and leeks
  • Sharp: Roelli’s Red Rock Cheddar
    • A unique cheddar and blue cheese combination, cellar aged to enhance its rich flavor
  • Fruity: Sartori’s MontAmore
    • Sweet and creamy cheese with hints of pineapple and tropical fruits balanced by a tangy bite on the finish

Wisconsin’s Master Cheesemaker program is the only one of its kind outside of Europe.  To become a certified Master Cheesemaker, one must first be need to have possessed a cheesemaker’s license in Wisconsin for at least 10 years, and also reside in Wisconsin to be accepted into the program.  Once accepted, these cheesemakers undergo a rigorous three-year course study and practical apprenticeship administered by the Center for Dairy Research at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.  

All these cheeses are packaged in a Wisconsin-made wooden box.  The Master Cheesemaker Collection includes 3 ¾ pounds of cheese.