gift basket including 4 types of wisconsin cheese

Wisconsin Originals Gift Box

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The Wisconsin Originals Gift Box features four cheeses originally produced in Wisconsin.  While Wisconsin is known for making many different types of cheese, Wisconsin cheesemakers have created some wonderful original cheese styles.

The Wisconsin Originals Gift Box includes:

  • Mild: Colby Longhorn
    • Colby was made in Colby, WI; the style is similar to a cheddar with a softer more open texture and high-moisture content
  • Fruity: Raspberry Bellavitano
    • Rich and creamy texture with a flavor similar to a mix between cheddar and Parmesan, then soaked in a Raspberry Tart ale
  • Sweet: Prairie Sunset
    • Flavor notes of nuttiness and butterscotch with a firm, dense, and chewy texture
  • Creamy: Mild Brick
    • Mild and sweet cheese with a rich and creamy texture

All these cheeses are packaged in a Wisconsin-made wooden crate.  Wisconsin Originals Gift Box includes 2 ⅓ pounds of cheese.