Wisconsin original cheese make in brick-shaped form. Varies from a sweet, mild young version to a strong, ripe, and pungent cheese when aged.


3rd Street Cheese & Sausage Gift

3rd Street Cheese & Sausage Gift

A fantastic spread for any get-together. This tasty collection of cheese and sausage has somet...


Cheese & Sausage Gift Sampler

Cheese & Sausage Gift Sampler

Wisconsin cheese and Wisconsin sausage, a heavenly combination. This Wisconsin Gift Sampler i...


Brick German Cheese

Brick German Cheese

Much like Limburger and Beerkaese, German Brick cheese is not for the faint of flavor palette....


Wisconsin Brick Cheese Widmers

Wisconsin Brick Cheese Widmers

Brick cheese is a Wisconsin original cheese. John Jossi, a Swiss-born American cheese maker, ...


Widmer's Brick Cheese Spread

Widmers Brick Cheese Spread

Brick is a Wisconsin original, first made by John Jossi around 1877. Aged Brick resembles Eu...



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