Sip and Savor: The Ultimate Summer Cocktail and Cheese Combos

Summer's calling, and we've got the perfect way to cool off!

We've taken some of your favorite refreshing summer drinks and created unforgettable pairings with the finest cheeses from right here in Wisconsin.

Lavender Lemonade

The floral notes of lavender lemonade open up a world of exciting pairings because they add a new dimension beyond the standard tart-sweetness of lemonade.  So pour yourself an ice cold glass and try it with:
Mild: LaClare Honey Chevre; the creaminess of the chevre balances the floral notes.
Bold: Marieke Young Gouda; the nuttiness of the Gouda complements the lavender flavor. 

Moscow Mule

The Moscow Mule's flavor profile is like a fun playground for cheese pairings because it offers a unique combination of sweet, sour, spicy, and refreshing elements.  So get out your gold cup, mix up your favorite mule, and try it with:

Mild: Cabana White; this grilling cheese is mild, milky, and salty, and compliments the sweet and spicy notes.

Bold: Peppercorn Cheddar; the cracked peppercorns in this bold cheddar compliment the ginger.


The Paloma, with its refreshing citrus notes from grapefruit and lime, offers a delightful canvas for cheese pairings.  Try it with:

MildCarr Valley Havarti.  The buttery taste of Havarti cuts through the tartness of the cocktail.  Pairs even better with a spicy Paloma variation!

Bold: Springside Jalapeno Jack for a spicy kick!  The spicy peppers pair well with the tequila flavors in a Paloma.

Blackberry Mojito

The refreshing blackberry mojito is a symphony of flavors, marrying sweet and tart blackberries with the cool, herbaceous notes of mint and lime. This delightful harmony creates a playground for exploration when it comes to food pairings, allowing you to highlight different aspects of the cocktail.  Try it with:

Mild: Cranberry Cheddar; the tart cranberries complement the sweet blackberry.

Bold: Penta Creme Blue; the creaminess complements the sweet and tart profile.


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