Collection: Bread and Grilling Cheeses

Juustoleipa (pronounced hoo-stah-lee-pa), or "bread cheese" is a buttery, slightly sweet cheese that originated in Scandinavia.  Contrary to its name, there is no bread in bread cheese.  Its name comes from the crust on the outside of the cheese that develops from baking the blocks in special ovens that caramelize the sugars on the outside of the cheese, creating its 'crust-like' appearance, reminiscent of toasted bread.  

Bread cheese has a soft, buttery texture and a mild flavor.  Best served warm, the texture is silky, smooth, and slightly squeaky.  Rather than melting once warmed, the cheese softens slightly.  Serve it on it's own for a delicious, keto-friendly treat, or enjoy with honey, preserves, or toasted nuts! 

Try some of our other grilling cheeses, including Coalho, a Brazilian-style grilling cheese typically threaded on a skewer then grilled until browned on all sides (turning once browned on each side) or Halloumi, a brined cheese made from a mix of cow, sheep, and goat's milk originating from Cyprus, best served grilled or fried with a touch of olive oil.
Bread and Grilling Cheeses