About Wisconsin Cheese

About Wisconsin Cheese

About Wisconsin

Something special from Wisconsin truly describes the cheese that is produced in our state. More than a century ago, Wisconsin's growing dairy industry attracted immigrant cheese makers from Germany, France, Switzerland, Holland, Italy and Scandinavia who applied their Old World cheese making skills to the plentiful supply of wholesome milk. By the 1920s there were over 2800 cheese factories in Wisconsin. Swiss cheese was one of the first specialty cheeses developed in Wisconsin with production beginning in Green County in 1869. The Italians also did very well making cheese reminiscent of their native homeland. Mozzarella and Provolone were made by dipping the curd in hot water and then stretching and pulling it like taffy before it was molded into traditional shapes and sizes. Wisconsin cheese makers also make outstanding Parmesan, Romano, and Asiago. The French gave us Blue, as well as delicious dessert types of cheese such as Camembert and Brie. The Germans brought their secrets for Muenster and Limburger, the Scandinavians contributed Havarti and Bondost-Primost, while the Dutch provided Edam and Gouda.

European Settlers

Wisconsin has obviously benefited from the practices and traditions of our early European settlers, continuing their cheese making techniques in Wisconsin to this day. But even with the multitude of delicious cheeses that can be traced to Europe, numerous varieties, such as Brick and Colby originated right here, in Wisconsin. Over the years, this special cheese making heritage, blended with expertise and modern technology, has laid the foundation for Wisconsin to have the most stringent cheese making standards. To maintain its hard-earned reputation, Wisconsin became the first state to require cheese grading and licensing of its cheese makers. Even today, no other state has standards higher than Wisconsin's.

Wisconsin Dairy

Today, there are over 35,000 dairy farms selling milk in Wisconsin with more than 1,800,000 cows producing an average of 13,500 pounds of milk each per year. Approximately 74% of this milk is used for cheese. Wisconsin's cheese making industry produces 2 billion pounds of cheese every year, 30 percent of the nation's total cheese production. More than 250 varieties, types, and styles of cheese are available from Wisconsin's skilled cheese makers.

Delicious cheese and Wisconsin, It's a natural partnership

With the Dairy State's healthy combination of fertile land and balanced climate, milk production excels. And Wisconsin's milk is not only impressive in terms of quantity, but also in quality. When the finest milk in the country is put into the hands of skilled and knowledgeable cheese makers, the end result is nothing less than exceptional cheese. Wisconsin Cheese Mart has been part of this tradition for more than 80 years. We search out the best cheeses we can find throughout the state of Wisconsin. We carry over 150 types of cheese in our display cases and sell by the pound in our store as well as ship cheese anywhere in the US. We use nothing but real Wisconsin Cheese in our gift baskets. So, what are you waiting for?  Try some Wisconsin cheese today!