Decatur Dairy

Decatur Dairy is a small company operated in Brodhead, Wisconsin that has been producing cheese since the 1940s.  What started as an expansion of the Coldren Cheese Company, Decatur Swiss Cheese Co-op was built in 1942.  In 1973, Roy Stettler and son, Mike, were hired as cheesemakers at the Decatur Swiss factory.  In 1982, Steve Stettler was hired as cheesemaker and co-op manager for Decatur Swiss.  

Steve and his wife, Glennette, produced Decatur Dairy, Inc, to manufacture and sell cheese for the co-op.  Since then, the dairy has continued to grow with various expansions and additions.

Steve Stettler is a four-time graduate of the Wisconsin Master Cheesemaker Program.  He earned his first Master Cheesemaker certification in 1999.  He is now certified in seven different cheeses: brick, cheddar, farmer's, havarti, muenster, cheese curds, and swiss. 

Decatur Dairy has won US and World Cheese Contest awards, as well as several awards at the Wisconsin State Fair.  Steve is a man who is committed to his craft, which is very apparent in the quality of cheeses he produces.  


A Wisconsin original, Brick cheese dates back to 1877.  It's name is derived not only from it's shape, but the clay-fired bricks with which the curds are pressed.  Decatur Dairy produces a mild Brick cheese, which is smooth, creamy, and semi-soft in texture.  They also produce a Garlic Brick cheese, which combines the classic mild brick with zesty garlic.


Decatur Havarti is smooth and buttery, with a somewhat sweet and slightly acidic taste.  Steve's original Havarti has won many awards, and is fantastic for melting, or enjoying with a crisp glass of white wine.  Steve also produces many various flavors of Havarti, including Dill Havarti and Horseradish and Chive Havarti



Made from skim milk, Farmer's cheese is lower in fat and sodium than most cheeses.  With a texture similar to Havarti, Decatur's Farmer's cheese is creamy and smooth, with a mild flavor.  


Muenster cheese is pale in color and smooth in texture.  It has a bright orange rind, which is colored by annatto.  It has a mild, savory flavor and a creamy texture that melts wonderfully.  Muenster makes a great addition to a grilled cheese sandwich, burger, or serve on your next cheeseboard for a pop of color.

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