Henning's Cheese

Henning's Cheese is a family operation, manufacturing cheese since 1914.  Founded by Otto and Norma Henning, they purchased a rural hometown cheese factory in the heart of America's Dairyland, near Kiel, WI, and devoted their lives to producing quality cheese.  In 1963, Otto's son Everett along with his wife took over the factory, and within four years, build a new modern cheese plant.  By the mid 1980s, Henning's expanded again, to help their growing business.  At this time, Everett's children Kay, Kerry, and Kert joined the business to help expand their father's dream.  The tradition continues with his grandchildren, who are now involved at the plant, learning the family business and traditions.

Henning's sources their milk from small, local dairy farmers who pride themselves on pasture feeding their cows, when weather permits.  

Kerry Henning

Kerry Henning, grandson of founder Otto Henning, continues his family's 100+ year old tradition with his son and nephew.  Kerry is best known for his flavored cheeses, but is also the only cheesemaker still making mammoth cheddar wheels, which is any cheese wheel larger than 75 pounds.  The largest wheel Henning's has produced was 12,000lbs!

Kerry holds his Master certifications in cheddar, colby, and monterey jack.

Flavored Cheddar

Dragon's Breath Cheddar

One of Kerry Henning's specialties in cheesemaking is his Cheddar cheese.  He produces a variety of Cheddar cheeses, including flavored versions such as Mango Fire, as sweet and spicy mix of mangoes and habaneros, Dragon's Breath, a spicy habanero cheddar, and Peppercorn, an aged cheddar with cracked peppercorns throughout.

Mozza Whips

Mozza Whips

Mozza whips are a fun snack, similar to string cheese, but longer and much thinner.  Mozza whips are made simply by heating fresh mozzarella just enough to to stretch and realign the milk proteins in the cheese, creating that signature string-like texture when peeled.

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