Roelli Cheese Haus

Roelli Cheese Haus is a small, family-owned cheese factory that has been in the same location for nearly 100 years.  Located east of Shullsburg, Adolph Roelli came to this area of Lafayette County from Switzerland in the 1920s.  Since then, four generations of the Roelli family have continued the cheese business in that same location, with the same commitment to quality, service, and customer satisfaction.


Fourth generation cheesemaker and co-owner Chris Roelli is one of Wisconsin's Master Cheesemakers, certified in cheddar, blue, and alpine cheese.

We're featuring two of his unique cheeses - Cheddar-Blue cheeses.  In this unique blend, Cheddar technique meets Roquefort culture for a balanced hybrid of two classic cheeses.  Cheddar-Blues are mellower than most blues, but more flavorful than most cheddars.  When you're looking for something truly unique, look no further than one of Roelli's fantastic Cheddar-Blue cheeses!

Dunbarton Blue

Roelli's flagship cheese, Dunbarton Blue is a hand-crafted, cellar cured cheese with the earthy character of a fine English-style cheddar, mixed with the subtle hind of blue flavor.  This cheese is open air cured, which creates its beautiful, natural, edible rind.  

Red Rock

Red Rock is richly colored with annatto and cave aged to maturity.  This cheese features a naturally bloomy rind with a slight blue vein.  Aged for a minimum of 60 days, Red Rock Cheddar Blue features a mild flavor with a creamy texture.

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