Summer Sausage All Beef 12oz

Summer Sausage All Beef 12oz

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Weight: 0.75lbs

Usinger's German-style All-Beef Summer Sausage is exceptionally lean and seasoned with a blend of exotic spices. After thorough aging, the sausage is then slow-smoked to produce a fine robust flavor.

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harkens to my childhood
By Alison Hyder

This summer sausage reminds of the wurst my grandmother brought us from "the Nevada Meat Market" in Queens, although I believe that had caraway seeds. This is a good, firm sausage with a nice, chewy texture.

Best in the business
By Elizabeth Coppersmith

I grew up in Wisconsin and was brought up on Usingers sausage. When we moved away more than 40 years ago, we lived in 3 different cities and regions of the US. I kept trying different sausage brands, but never really enjoyed any of them. It wasn't until shopping on the Internet became popular that Usingers finally became available to me again, Despite now being decades away from enjoying their sausages, I found that they had continued their high standards and I was in heaven again. No chunks of unidentifiable fat or bone or whatever, no odd spices. Just high quality, fine grained, and a perfect ratio of meat to fat. I shall never purchase another brand.

Very good
By Michael Shelby

It's summer sausage, it's Usinger's, so you know it will be good.

all beef summer sausage
By Herman Stein

All I can say it tastes the way I expected it. very good, it came 3 days late due to weather condition, that no man can control And yet the sausage was still very cold almost freezing. Because the way it was packed. Great job, will order again soon, thanks, Herm

Mr David A. Kuamoo
By David A. Kuamoo

The All Beef Summer Sausage is excellent.

Great for picnics
By Vicenta Shepard

This has been a great complement to an afternoon picnic--indoors or outdoors! Not too salty, which means it won't overpower the cheeses or a light Prosecco. Texture is just right .

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