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Beer Kaese Cheese

Beer Kaese Cheese

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Wisconsin Cheese Mart

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Though literally translated as beer cheese, there is no beer in Beer Kaese. This German cheese got its name from being paired with beer. Some connoisseurs dip the cheese directly into their drink! Despite it's German roots, this cheese has become a favorite among cheesemakers in Wisconsin. This semi-soft pale white cheese is known for being boldly pungent. Much like Limburger cheese, Beer Kaese ripens for seven or more months in highly humid conditions giving it a distinctly strong smell. The salted and surface-ripened flavor of Beer Kaese might remind you of its close cousin; Brick Cheese. Despite its alarming smell, this cheese has a delightfully mild taste. Similar to Limburger, this cheese is robust, full-bodied, earthy, and slightly tangy. For fans of Limburger, Beer Kaese is a must-try. It pairs well with lager beers and merlot wines. Try Beer Kaese on pumpernickel bread! beer kaese  beer kase beerkaese beer case beercase beerkase

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The Basics

Flavor Profile: Full-bodied, earthy, and slightly tangy

Region: Monroe, WI

Milk Type: Cow

Pasteurization: Pasteurized

Rennet: Vegetarian

Age: 7+ months


Pasteurized whole milk, cheese culture, salt, enzymes

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