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Bellavitano Espresso
Bellavitano Espresso

Bellavitano Espresso

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A Sartori-family original, the Bellavitano cheese is inspired by traditional, Italian farmstead cheese.  Unique to Wisconsin, Bellavitano cheese features a rich and creamy texture with a great, crave-able taste reminiscent of an aged, premium Wisconsin Cheddar cheese balanced by a full-flavored Parmesan. This Bellavitano cheese is then hand-rubbed with freshly roasted espresso, creating a truly unique flavor delicious for breakfast, dessert, or whenever your taste buds desire! The combination of Wisconsin Cheddar cheese and Parmesan give this Bellavitano cheese a terrific texture, somewhere between creamy and rich and crunchy and granular. This Bellavitano cheese has a slight crunchy feel from calcium crystals (Calcium Lactate), which appear naturally as a part of the aging process. The unique Bellavitano cheese is created by the master cheesemakers at Sartori in Plymouth, Wisconsin, who use time-honored techniques and the highest quality milk.


Region: Plymouth, WI
Milk Type: Cow
Pasteurization: Pasteurized  
Rennet Type: Vegetarian
Age: 10-12 months


2019 US Championship Cheese Contest - Best of Class & Top 20
2018 World Cheese Awards - Gold Medal
2018 World Championship Cheese Contest - Best of Class
2017 International Cheese Awards - Gold Medal

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