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Farmer's Basil

Decatur Dairy

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Farmer's cheese originated on farms as a way to use milk left over after skimming the cream for butter. Two main styles evolved; a fresh cheese similar to cottage cheese and a semi-soft version cured for a shorter time. Wisconsin cheesemakers produce the semi-soft version. Decatur Dairy Wisconsin Farmers cheese with basil has a creamy, mild flavor with the addition of sweet basil, adding a delicious herbaceous flavor to the cheese. Made with skim milk, Decatur's Wisconsin Farmer's cheese is considered a lower fat and lower sodium cheese. Basil Farmers has a creamy, smooth texture, similar to Havarti. Farmer's Basil melts beautifully, making it a wonderful addition to any grilled cheese or burger. Receive 8 ounces of Wisconsin Basil Farmers cheese per package. Decatur Dairy was established in 1942 in Monroe, Wisconsin, and has won several US and World Cheese Contest awards with their delicious cheeses.

Keto friendly logo with thumbs upLooking for delicious and unique snacks to fit your keto lifestyle? Look no further! This Wisconsin cheese has 0 carbs and a high protein content which makes it perfect for your keto diet.

The Basics

Flavor Profile: Mild, creamy and herbaceous

Region: Brodhead, WI

Milk Type: Cow

Pasteurization: Pasteurized

Rennet: Animal


Milk, salt, rennet, cultures, basil

Creamery Profile

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