8 ounce piece of gouda cheese with truffle morsels
Gouda Truffle
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  • Age: 2-4 months
  • Flavor Profile: Nutty, creamy and rich
  • Milk Type: Cow
  • Pasteurization: Raw
  • Region: Thorp, WI
  • Rennet : Animal

Gouda Truffle

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Marieke Gouda
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This decadent Wisconsin gouda is a fantastic piece of cheese for any charcuterie board or cooking application. A true farmstead cheese, Marieke’s truffle gouda is made from cows milked on her farm in Thorp, Wisconsin. The cheese is made within 5 hours of the cows being milked. This freshness is imbued into the cheese, and it is then infused with chunks of black truffle and both black and white truffle oil. The truffle flavor is pleasantly inescapable in this cheese, and it’s baseline creamy nuttiness plays well with the truffle additives. It is a semi-firm cheese, meaning it has a supple and springy texture. An 8 ounce piece of gouda could last you a few weeks, or a few minutes depending upon how much you love this incredible and unique cheese. This delightful Wisconsin gouda has been aged for between two to four months. Marieke Truffle Gouda took first place in the Best U.S. Cheese with Flavor Additive category in 2016. 


    2018 World Cheese Award - 3rd Place
    2017 US Cheese Championship - 2nd Place
    2016 World Cheese Championship - 2nd Place
    2016 ACS - Best of Class

  • Suggested Pairings:

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      American Pale Ale, Belgian Ale, Bock, Brown Ale, Cider, Pale Ale, Porter, Saison Ale, Stout
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    Fruit, Bread, Crackers, Mustard


    • Ingredients: Raw cow’s milk, cultures, enzymes, salt, black truffles, truffle oil